Do you have problem with cervical spine? Come us!

You have to take care for your shoulder and neck, because neglecting them can lead to many complications! Stiffness of the whole body starts from the shoulder  and neck. The place where the toxins are accumulate is the shoulders and neck. Repairing this structure in the body is the key to up general well-being. The cervical spine has seven vertebrae. The nerves which coming out of  cervical vertebrae connect the head and face. The cervical vertebrae is the most vulnerable part of the spine. There are two large arteries in the neck. The shoulders and neck are like the intersection of the human body. The main flow of blood to the head goes through the shoulder  and necks, supplying the brain with oxygen. Commonly the toxins are accumulate in the neck and shoulders, which leads to their increased tension. And this can be leads to problem with blood circulation. It has been found that the problem with tension in the shoulders and neck can cause at least 70 kinds of diseases in the whole body, to the most common diseases belong:

  1. weakness swallowing,
  2. visual impairment,
  3. abdominal distension,
  4. constipations,
  5. high blood pressure,
  6. lower limb paralysis,
  7. Alzheimer’s disease,
  8. chest pain,

If you feel uncomfortable with your cervical spine, welcome in our therapy center and we will help you.

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About tianlai

Velkommen til helsehuset TianLai TianLai tilbyr massasje og behandling som vil redusere stress og øke livskvaliteten for den enkelte. Vi har et variert tilbud for folk flest. I tillegg har vi relevant massasjebehandlinger for eldre og gravide. EN Vi bruker tradisjonell kinesisk medisinsk teori og teknikk. The goal of these methods is to stimulate the body's natural self-healing processes, and get these to circulate freely again. Vi kombinerer å trykke på punkter på kroppens overflate, strekke, løfte og press med helsebringende berøring som får deg til å føle deg rolig og avslappet. For å oppnå dette bruker vi eterisk olje mot musklene. Lyden av klassisk kinesisk musikk legger dessuten gode rammer for en flott atmosfære. Våre dyktige spesialister fra Kina vil gi deg en fantastisk opplevelse, så det er bare å komme inn og ta med vår massasjebehandling til din livsstil.
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