Slimming therapy part 2

Almost everyone of us know how hard is to lose weight. In first part we introduced you our herbal combinations properly matched to your needs and reason of overweight. Today we will show you another method very helpful in fight with unnecessary kilograms. Of course nothing can’t replace properly balanced diet, and physical activity, but our methods greatly facilitate losing weight.

Fat-remove instrument together with massage

Electro Stimulation treatments are known as one of the most effective ways to combat overweight and methods of figure shaping. Electrical stimulation is based on the Faraday pulsed current. Stimulated muscles can perform up to 1200 movements per hour, which corresponds to an average 7 hours physical exertion.

This method contributes to the extremely fast and effective loss weight, as well as reducing inches in the circuits of the body. Stimulated muscles work many times faster than during the traditional gymnastics in the hall or gym and this accelerated work is the cause of rapid weight loss and body shaping. Moreover, this method is safe and healthy, because pulses induce exactly the same work that the muscles perform the traditional exercises.
It is also worth mentioning that the treatment effect of electrical stimulation beyond weight loss can relieve tension and pain, eliminate the effect of stress and loosen up the skin, enhance the production of collagen, stimulate blood circulation and release of toxins from the body, increase metabolism, relieve muscle pain and also an increased release of endorphin, which improve mood.

Lose weight while relieving constipation, pigmentation, irregular menstruation, and other sub-health troubles.

About tianlai

Velkommen til helsehuset TianLai TianLai tilbyr massasje og behandling som vil redusere stress og øke livskvaliteten for den enkelte. Vi har et variert tilbud for folk flest. I tillegg har vi relevant massasjebehandlinger for eldre og gravide. EN Vi bruker tradisjonell kinesisk medisinsk teori og teknikk. The goal of these methods is to stimulate the body's natural self-healing processes, and get these to circulate freely again. Vi kombinerer å trykke på punkter på kroppens overflate, strekke, løfte og press med helsebringende berøring som får deg til å føle deg rolig og avslappet. For å oppnå dette bruker vi eterisk olje mot musklene. Lyden av klassisk kinesisk musikk legger dessuten gode rammer for en flott atmosfære. Våre dyktige spesialister fra Kina vil gi deg en fantastisk opplevelse, så det er bare å komme inn og ta med vår massasjebehandling til din livsstil.
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