Slimming threapy


Many of us dreaming about losing few unnecessary kilograms, especially during the summer time.
Today we would like to present you our methods which are perfect supplement of healthy diet and regular activity. We are sure, it helps you achieve your desired shape!

Herbal tea helps lose weight

A slimmer figure to wear skimpy clothes is every girl’s dream, but losing weight is a tough task and most people give up, because they can’t stick to a diet or the physical exercise is too hard for them. Researchers of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) suggest that some herbal teas may facilitate the process due to their medical functions.

Eating too much is main reason of overweight for most people, but a poor digestive and slow metabolism system also plays an important role.

Researchers hold that the spleen is responsible for sending nutrients from the stomach to all the organs, and also for expelling excess fluid. If the spleen doesn’t function well, excess fluid will collect and turn into fat. Fat collects not only on muscles, destroying a nice figure, but also on organs and in the blood, which can cause health problems.

According to TCM Researchers, water overabundance in organism is usually what bothers the spleen. Therefore foods which increase urination, helps prevent fat gathering.

Tea is one of the best choices. Special teas helps increase urination and some can even prevent sugar and fat absorption.

We recommended:

1. Diet Tea

Main ingredients: roses, lotus leaf, lemon

2. Postpartum obesity Tea

Main ingredients: xuelianzi, wolf-berry, papaya

3. Middle-age obesity Tea

Main ingredients: houttuynia, lotus leaf, licorice

Every of them are consist of plant materials, are 100% natural and have no side effects, their operation: fat-removing, slimming, figure shaping, toxins secretion.


You can find teas in Tianlai Chinese therapy center.

More methods of slimming in next post…

About tianlai

Velkommen til helsehuset TianLai TianLai tilbyr massasje og behandling som vil redusere stress og øke livskvaliteten for den enkelte. Vi har et variert tilbud for folk flest. I tillegg har vi relevant massasjebehandlinger for eldre og gravide. EN Vi bruker tradisjonell kinesisk medisinsk teori og teknikk. The goal of these methods is to stimulate the body's natural self-healing processes, and get these to circulate freely again. Vi kombinerer å trykke på punkter på kroppens overflate, strekke, løfte og press med helsebringende berøring som får deg til å føle deg rolig og avslappet. For å oppnå dette bruker vi eterisk olje mot musklene. Lyden av klassisk kinesisk musikk legger dessuten gode rammer for en flott atmosfære. Våre dyktige spesialister fra Kina vil gi deg en fantastisk opplevelse, så det er bare å komme inn og ta med vår massasjebehandling til din livsstil.
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