Massage as a natural, nonpharmacological method of treatment.

Kinesisk massasje

In Chinese medicine “massage” means a manual techniques made by hand in surface of patient body. Typical techniques in tuina are rubbing, squeezing, kneading, patting.
Through them doctor works with source of pain, around them, and in acupressure points connected directly and indirectly with sick tissue. Oppression acupressure points and work with meridians affects positively for live Qi energy and balance between yin and yang.

Origin of massage is not exactly known, but first information come from an antiquity, in those days has been observed already, that regular oppression brings analgesic effects, and accelerates process of healing wounds. Beginnings of use massage in medicine has been written by Yellow Emperor in book „canon of internal medicine”, and until today is a source of Chinese medicine knowledge, and treating via touch.

Indications for therapy

Reffering to chinese medicine, massage therapy can bring relief with disease like:
sprains, muscle tension, muscle atrophy, headaches, sciatica, back nerve pain, pain in joints and limbs (including the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, finger (toe), arthralgia). Rheumatic pain shoulder muscles, back, hips, knees and other parts of the body, acute or chronic rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis swelling and stiffness in the joints.
And moreover, for example indigestion, insomnia, neurosis. In that case perfect results brings combine treatment with acupuncture.

Before treatment important is to prepare yourself properly

-Relaxation; only therapy on relaxed body can bring the desired effect. Before massage you should calm your body, and clean your brain. Do not take treatment in hurry. Your body is a temple so take care of it.
-Patience and trust; in opposite to pharmacological treatment, works comparatively slowly, but attained goals are keeping much longer. You can not cured in moment, a chronic problem which was growing up from years. Doctor at first tries to focus on reason of pain, not just on relief, therefore whole therapy takes much more time. Only what you need, is patience and trust for your therapist

About tianlai

Velkommen til helsehuset TianLai TianLai tilbyr massasje og behandling som vil redusere stress og øke livskvaliteten for den enkelte. Vi har et variert tilbud for folk flest. I tillegg har vi relevant massasjebehandlinger for eldre og gravide. EN Vi bruker tradisjonell kinesisk medisinsk teori og teknikk. The goal of these methods is to stimulate the body's natural self-healing processes, and get these to circulate freely again. Vi kombinerer å trykke på punkter på kroppens overflate, strekke, løfte og press med helsebringende berøring som får deg til å føle deg rolig og avslappet. For å oppnå dette bruker vi eterisk olje mot musklene. Lyden av klassisk kinesisk musikk legger dessuten gode rammer for en flott atmosfære. Våre dyktige spesialister fra Kina vil gi deg en fantastisk opplevelse, så det er bare å komme inn og ta med vår massasjebehandling til din livsstil.
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