The difference between Chinese massage and Japanese massage

japansk shiatsu massasje tianlai terapi senter

Chinese massage

Chinese massage is based on the theory of traditional chinese medicine massage. It gives pressure to the meridian acupressure points and has very strong infiltration, which can help to relax muscles, to relieve fatigue and to regulate body functions. It also improves human immunity, clears the meridians, balances yin-yang and extends the life. Chinese massage can be divided into six parts: 1. head 2 . arm 3 . chest 4 . leg ( front ) 5. shoulder and back 6 . buttocks and leg (back)

Japanese massage

The main feature of Japanese massage is the acupressure which comes mainly from the finger pulp pressure or the palm pressure. That kind of treatment is also called Shiatsu which can help to balance the yin-yang of the body. Japanese massage is derived and evolved from the ancient chinese acupuncture and medicine massage. The force while doing massage does not come from the wrist itself but from the body weight when pushing vertically the centeral part of the limbs by using the limbs or the fingers as the supporting stand. Acupressure residence time is 3 to 10 seconds. Shiatsu is focused on one larger part rather than a specific point. Even though it will be the Meridian medicine points by coincidence when you massage the acupressure points but they are not the same. The massage points is not Meridian medicine points. When massaging the back, the therapist will be kneeling on the back and massage the back with the knees which feels like the Japanese style. In order to relieve pressure on certain parts of the body which have some discomfort, the therapist needs to combine with rubbing , kneading and tapping massage etc. .

About tianlai

Velkommen til helsehuset TianLai TianLai tilbyr massasje og behandling som vil redusere stress og øke livskvaliteten for den enkelte. Vi har et variert tilbud for folk flest. I tillegg har vi relevant massasjebehandlinger for eldre og gravide. EN Vi bruker tradisjonell kinesisk medisinsk teori og teknikk. The goal of these methods is to stimulate the body's natural self-healing processes, and get these to circulate freely again. Vi kombinerer å trykke på punkter på kroppens overflate, strekke, løfte og press med helsebringende berøring som får deg til å føle deg rolig og avslappet. For å oppnå dette bruker vi eterisk olje mot musklene. Lyden av klassisk kinesisk musikk legger dessuten gode rammer for en flott atmosfære. Våre dyktige spesialister fra Kina vil gi deg en fantastisk opplevelse, så det er bare å komme inn og ta med vår massasjebehandling til din livsstil.
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