Julen kommer!!!

Vinteren kommer, og julen kommer! Tilbring allerede sjette julen med Tianlai. Først av alt inviterer vi deg til å bestille et gavekort. Det er den perfekte gave til venner og familie som kan plasseres under juletreet. Nå i en elegant gavepose. Ikke nøl med, bestill nå og glem julestress. Og selvfølgelig behøver du ikke vente på julen. Du kan komme allerede nå, og litt slappe av.www.tianlai.no
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gavekort christmas
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Tianlai mission

Wanting to help people, I founded Tianlai in 2013. We help in the release of pain, but also give relaxation. My mission was to make people feel less pain associated with excessive stress and excessive muscle tension each day. With time, I was joined by a group of trusted therapists who, together with me, carry out our mission. In our therapy center we can help you eliminate ailments like back, shoulder, neck pain, insomnia, nervousness, and more. Sometimes I hear a guest say he can not sleep for many years or feel leg pain for many years before he comes to me. After our treatment is it better. I have many loyal guests who have been with me for many years. I’m really happy when I heared that I change people’s lives for the better. I hope that every day I will be able to help more people who need help.
Find us on tianlai.no

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Do you have problem with cervical spine? Come us!

You have to take care for your shoulder and neck, because neglecting them can lead to many complications! Stiffness of the whole body starts from the shoulder  and neck. The place where the toxins are accumulate is the shoulders and neck. Repairing this structure in the body is the key to up general well-being. The cervical spine has seven vertebrae. The nerves which coming out of  cervical vertebrae connect the head and face. The cervical vertebrae is the most vulnerable part of the spine. There are two large arteries in the neck. The shoulders and neck are like the intersection of the human body. The main flow of blood to the head goes through the shoulder  and necks, supplying the brain with oxygen. Commonly the toxins are accumulate in the neck and shoulders, which leads to their increased tension. And this can be leads to problem with blood circulation. It has been found that the problem with tension in the shoulders and neck can cause at least 70 kinds of diseases in the whole body, to the most common diseases belong:

  1. weakness swallowing,
  2. visual impairment,
  3. abdominal distension,
  4. constipations,
  5. high blood pressure,
  6. lower limb paralysis,
  7. Alzheimer’s disease,
  8. chest pain,

If you feel uncomfortable with your cervical spine, welcome in our therapy center and we will help you.

Find us on tianlai.no and book online
Drop in on Dronning Mauds gate 3

Found on http://centerspineindia.blogspot.com

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New Tianlai video.

Enjoy watching! ;)
Find us on tianlai.no
Dronning Mauds gate 3 in Vika, 0250 Oslo


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Pathology of finger numbness

When cervical spondylosis occurs, the roots of the spinal nerve are constricted, pulled and stimulated, causing numbness and swelling of the fingers.
Short-term cerebral hypoxia may also cause unilateral numbness of the fingers. Stroke, headache and dizziness, numbness, swelling of the tongue, etc. It can also cause numbness of the fingers.
If the peripheral nerves change, there will be numbness in the extremities.
One of early symptom of Rheumatoid arthritis is finger numbness.
Fractures, dislocations, sprains or fatigue in the wrist may cause numbness in the fingers. Leaning on the elbow while talking on a mobile phone, often squeezes the nerve line, causing the fingers to be numbed. Peripheral neuritis, disorder of the digestive tract, which leads to a lack of vitamin B1, and this can also cause numbness of the fingers.
Blockage of the cardiovascular system can also cause numbness of the fingers, because the blood does not circulate properly. Therefore, if you notice the numbness of your fingers, it is necessary to determine in advance what is the reason of this, for to detect the possible illness.
If you detected this problem. you welcome to Tianlai. We can help you.
Book online on
www.tianlai .no 


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